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Alex Croker is an ordinary backpacker, travelling around the world after graduating from Cardiff University with a 2:1 in Mathematics, Operational Research and Statistics. He’s an average athlete, mixing relative success as a teenager with an imperfect injury record. He’s never cycled more than 30 miles in one day, and certainly never more than two days in a row. His training will be restricted as he’s backpacking through Australia and New Zealand in the run up to arriving in Los Angeles. He is not a cyclist, yet he’s going to cycle 6,000km in aid of charity.

I’m no Lance Armstrong, no Mark Cavendish or Alberto Contador. I’m not even Forest Gump! I’m just a normal guy but I believe I can do this. I want to prove that ordinary people can do extraordinary things.


A traveller swaps his backpack for a bike rack and cycles his way from Los Angeles to New York City, over 3,500 miles/6,000 km, in aid of charity.


Arrival in Los Angeles: 20th March 2012 

Depart New York City for London: 25th July 2012 (TBC)

That leaves 128 days to complete the challenge but this will depend on his prerequisite travels in Australasia, his remaining budget and how quickly he can get a bike and all the gear up together in the States.


I’m not a particularly philanthropic person, I sponsor my friends, participate in Movember, and donate to charity instead of sending Christmas cards, but travelling really opened my eyes. During my gap year travels through South East Asia it dawned on me just how lucky I am to be able to travel and the live the easy life that I do. All because of my luck in the lottery of genetics. I want to use this opportunity to raise money for those less fortunate than myself, for those who can’t explore the globe like I am.

Alex Croker, November 2011


Los Angeles to New York City via San Francisco CA, Yosemite NP, Death Valley NP, Las Vegas NV, Grand Canyon NP, and Washington D.C.

Full route TBD.

This is fundamentally a backpacking trip, but on a bike without a backpack, so the route won’t be the quickest or most direct, but one that takes in some of the sights that were on the original plan to road trip from coast-to-coast.


We honestly aren’t sure. There will be a heck of a lot of peddling that's for sure.

Alex is completely self-funding this trip, aside from any corporate sponsorship. If you are interested in a sponsorship package, see here.

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